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Monday, August 07, 2006

The War in Heaven

On an average day, it is Sister St. Aloysius who is in a dither. She's a bit of a nervous Nelly, easily startled, bug-eyed little thing. Now she' got me in a dither with a question I can't answer! Perhaps our dear readers will have some theories to share.

Here's what happened. We were watching CNN That way we know exactly what to pray for. The news is so terrible about the MidEast Crisis that I believe I must have said something like, "I pray that there is a day with no war...of course...the only place that will ever happen is when we are all in heaven. Ha ha."

And Sister St. Aloysius said, "Sister Mary Martha, there was a war in heaven, too."

Now right away you want to just pretend you didn't hear that. I can see the goose bumps rising on her wrist (her arms are covered). She could be in a swoon within the next ten minutes.

But she is correct. There was a war in heaven. That's how we got Satan.

You remember the story there. Heaven is a happy place with God and his angels when suddenly one day Lucifer, the biggest, prettiest, most favorite angel decides that since he is so big and pretty, why should he be worshipping God. He decides he could run heaven, or whatever, just as well as God.

A big fight breaks out between Lucifer and his minions, and St. Michael the Archangel and his army. Lucifer loses. God invents Hell and throws Lucifer and the losers into it.

They've been mad as you know what ever since and can't stop picking on everybody.

So I said to Sister St. Aloysius, "Oh dear, that was a long long time ago. All the bad people and angels were cleared out of heaven and it's a happy, happy place now."

And she said, "Yes, but what's to stop it from happening again? If it happened once, it could happen again."


I can't really argue with that, can you?

It happened because Lucifer/Satan had free will in heaven. So does everybody there. So.....

Sister St. Aloysius and I are having some herbal tea. We've turned off Wolf Blizter. We're praying to St. Michael.


Kathi said...

well, that's disturbing! i don't know what to think. i guess it's still better to do our best to get into heaven and stay close to God. btw-got my lovely bracelet today. i feel much safer now! i told my friend, heidi, that she needs one also. especially after today's post...she was quite freaked out by the one on exorcism. yikes...

Sister Mary Martha said...

I don't know why she would be disturbed by exorcism. Is she speaking in an ancient tongue or something?

Glad you like the bracelet! We have many new saints arriving daily. Tell Heidi we have St. Benedict available (the patron saint of exorcism) in gold and copper colors. Have her click on our shop icon!

Anonymous said...

The way I understand it is that angels are in eternity, not time, so their decision is once and for ever.

Paloma said...

But I thought angels did not have free will. That all they do is worship God, give praise and glory to him.

Sister Mary Martha said...

Nope. Angels have free will:

Anonymous said...

The War in Heaven did not take God by surprise; neither will the last battle. And He has also predetermined the outcome of both.

God knows which of us are so afflicted with pride that we'd start another war, even after Purgation. Such people have already turned away from Him to the point that they'd seek the place that doesn't have him anyway.

Smiley said...

No no it wont happen again. Because Jesus came into the world. I don't have more reasons that just that.
One day i will expound the theory into a thesis.

mph said...

I have thought the same thing a couple of times - about what's to stop it all happening again once judgement day has happened, either with angels, people or both in heaven. Was also wondering, is this why we were created - to see which side we would choose?

Laurie said...

You always give me a lot to think about sister!